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According to the Hindu-Balinese mythology story, a long time ago there was a very powerful giant, he was named Mayadenawa, this Mayadenawa forbade the whole people to worship to the temple to worship gods … because he just wanted all the people to worship him only. Because we were felt very furious at Mayadenawa’s behavior, Bhatara Indra was sent to go down to (the World) to meet and finish off...
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It’s not hard to wake up in the early morning, we wake up at 2 A.M for preparation to go to lovina to meet our friends on the sea .. our trip takes about 3 hours, we leave at 3 in the morning, and arrive at 5, when the atmosphere is still cool and there hasn’t been a sunrise yet. we waited until 6 o’clock and it was ok for...
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“swing high as you can on a swing sets” visit ubud if you want to enjoy this swing, the place is right in the middle of the city of Ubud, about 1 hour from Kuta, this place is on the edge of the river so you can imagine when you swing you can see a good view of the river on the same time! this place has a variety of...
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My guests said : “I’ve been curious for a long time, how does it feel to go around the city with this antique and unique car.” And this is the day! I pick up the guest at hotel around ubud area to start this adventure, they take this car for fullday tour for 10 hours.. They ask me to take them to see how beautiful the rice paddies at ubud...
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We have schedule today to pick up our guest at Cabina Hotel for 6 hours tour.. We pick them up at 11 A.M , say hello to our beautiful guests! They ask to take them to buy some durian, durian is a fruit that has a unique taste and strong aroma, for those of you who have never tried it, maybe you won’t like it because of the smell, but...
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