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Term & Conditions

1. Cash transaction.

Payment in cash may only be made as surcharge payment after the expiration of the tour, the surcharge payment shall be made pursuant to the procedure determined by Bali Bedira Anugrah tour & travel.

2. Transaction by Transfer/Check.

Corporate Renters may make payments by transfer/check. Bali Bedira Anugrah tour & travel is entitled to ensure that the transfer/check can be withdrawn before the delivery of the CAR to the Renter. The payment shall be made to the account number stated in the price list (attached).

3. Currency

The payment shall be in Rupiah currency or US Dollar currency. Particularly, for payment in US Dollar currency, the rental value will be converted to the Rupiah currency based on the valid exchange rate and determined by Bedira at the time of transaction and will become a fixed rate until the expiration of the rental period and the Tax value imposed will be converted into the Rupiah currency in accordance with the Tax Exchange Rate determined by the Minister of Finance.

4. Tour With Chauffeur

The Renter is prohibited to drive the rented car personally if the car rental is with a chauffeur. Trip is the trip charge which shall be paid by the Renter if using the chauffeur’s service for an out of town trip, which tariff will be in accordance with the price List to be attached to the Rental Agreement.

5. Tax

Value Added Tax (PPN) In accordance with the prevailing taxation regulation in Indonesia, all delivery of Taxable Goods or Services shall be imposed with a PPN of 10% of the delivery value (unless provided otherwise by the Directorate General of Taxation which is proven). Particularly, for the rental of Taxable Services, if there occurs a cancellation then the collected PPN can not be returned (withdrawn).

Income Tax (PPh) Article 23 In accordance with the Decree of the Director General of Taxation number: KEP.176/PJ/2000, the Renter deducts PPh pursuant to Article 23 in the amount of 3% of the gross compensation excluding PPN. For such deduction, the Renter is obliged to issue and deliver the PPh deduction slip to BeDiRa at the time of payment or no later than the 10th day of the following month.

6. The tropical paradise

A friendly and remarkably artistic people, the Balinese have created a dynamic society with unique arts and ceremonies, making Bali synonymous world wide with the perfect ‘tropical paradise’. Terraced ricefields dominate the landscape, rivers and small irrigation streams direct the luscious green landscape, filling the air with the enchanting sound of running almost through the center of the island. In Bali the mountains are the home of the gods. Shrouded in mystery and magic, they stretch skywards in majestic splendour. Bali’s main volcano is the sometimes explosive Gunung Agung, which is considered sacred among local people as the center of the universe. Many visitors leave with the same beliefs.

The Balinese have been more exposed to international tourist and generally speak more English than people in other parts of the Indonesian archipelago. They have managed to preserved their culture despite overwhelming foreign influences brought to the region by an ever-increasing number of tourists. Bali’s International Airport, Ngurah Rai, is in the south of the island and is served by numerous international airlines and charters. In order to keep up with the growing the number of visitors and the need for their comfort, more hotels have been built, ranging from small bungalows for budget travelers to the luxurious Nusa Dua tourist resort area. Water sports have naturally gained in popularity and Bali offers superb surfing, windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving and white water rafting.

7. Balinese Temple Night :

various Temple festival takes place in various places and at various time. You will be provided with a list of the forthcoming festivals at the time of booking this tour . Temple festival locally known as Odalan. The odalan festival celebrates the anniversary of the temple’s consecration and is held over about three days, every 210 days. This is the festival, that visitors to Bali are most likely to see and it includes a great feast to which all villagers are invited.

The Balinese prepare the odalan for many days beforehand by cleaning the temple ,building altars and owning ,erecting flagpoles, and preparation offering.

A temple festival is tehe time when the deities and the ancestors ‘come down’ to visit the people. The temple is made as beautiful a possible to welcome them. The key is respect. Your Balinese hosts will appreciate you.

Important : Balinese women observed the religious rule that do not enter a temple during their time of menstruation. Visitors are asked to respect this rule.

8.Term and Conditions of PT. Bali Bedira Anugrah tour & travel

By signing on as our Travel agent, visiting and using this site, you hereby agree to and accept these term & conditions:

CREDIT Travel agents duly appointed as Credit Agents will be provided separate agreement together with a Credit limit and access to the booking online system. Login ID codes provided to personal of agent will be to sole responsibility of the agent. Each agent will be responsible of all reservation, payments and cancellation penalties generated by its users.

Payments for Credit

  • 1) A Travel Agent with a credit Line will have access to view its credit limit and balance under “My credit” after logging into the Website.
  • 2) If Credit payments are not made as detailed in the paragraph entitled “Credit” above or the Travel Agent’s credit limit has been exceeded, the online booking facility will be automatically suspended. To re-activate the account payment should be made or our finance department should be contacted.

CASH A Travel Agent who does not have Credit facilities will not be provided with the online availability and will only be able to book only as “Room on request” provided the request is outside the cancellation deadline. If the required hotel is available, a confirmation will be sent to the customer with a “Due Date for Payment”. The travel agent will be provided with a login ID, password and username to make bookings on request. The Travel Agent will be responsible for maintaining and monitoring the activities of all their users as the relevant Travel Agent will be responsible for all bookings, payments before due dates and cancellation penalties incurred by all users.

Due Dates & Payment for Cash
Due dates

  • 1) Where we confirm a booking to a Travel Agent without credit facilities we will process the booking and provide a Due date for Payment along with the invoiced amount payable at the time of confirmation.


  • 1) Payment must be made by cash, a bank draft or bank transfer in the currency of the invoice
  • 2) If payment is not received by us on or before 12.00 noon Middle Indonesia Time (GMT +8) on the Due Date for Payment, the respective hotel booking will be automatically cancelled without penalty.
  • 3) If proof of payment is received by us prior to 12.00 noon local time of the Travel Agent, the booking will be reconfirmed and finalized.
  • 4) If Payment is made by a bank transfer, we would require a copy of the bank transfer details to be faxed along with a copy of the Swift message report prior to 12.00 noon, local time of the Travel Agent.


  • 1) All rates are quoted are either commissionable or Nett-Non commissionable (subject to the agreement with the agent.
  • 2) Hotel rates are per room per night basis and may or may not include breakfast. Rates hotels are inclusive of all taxes and service charges.
  • 3) Transfer rates, sightseeing tours and package tours are per person basis. Meals conditions are specified on each itinerary.
  • 4) Rates are quoted in US Dollars and EURO depending on separate agreement with the agents and are highly confidential. The confirmation will be sent to the Travel Agent in the respective currency agreed and the invoice will be in the same currency. The statement account will always be in US Dollars or Euro as per the currency of choice.
  • 5) We reserve the right to change price offered on the site at any time but this will not affect the price of any bookings that have already been confirmed. The prices on site are shown in the currency selected and displayed with rates of exchange calculated on a daily basis. Price may change due to fluctuation of exchange rate levels.


  • 1) All booking trough booking balibediraanugrah.com, if rooms are available in the system, it will be instantly confirmed and guaranteed to the hotel. If the room are on the request, when the rooms are confirmed you can view status on the screen and the system will generate email to you accordingly.
  • 2) A maximum of 05 rooms and up to maximum 21 days per stay is allowed for each booking under the same file number. Booking for travel components less than 7 days will always be “On Request” and will be processed manually.
  • 3) The number of guest on the booking must equate to the room type, e.g. Single-1 guest, Double or Twin-2 guests, Triple-3 guests and Quad-4 guests. Extra beds for adults and children can also be requested. Therefore the total number of guests cannot exceed the number of beds requested. For booking children, the child age must be specified and may be booked as Child share with or without extra bed. Most hotels permit a maximum of 2 adults and 1 child less than 12 years to share a room with or without an extra bed.
  • 4) Bed configuration request, we will pass your request along to property but it’s not guaranteed and subject to availability upon arrival guest.
  • 5) Please note that any requests that are made during your reservation, will be conveyed to the selected hotel. However, all requests are not guaranteed as they are subject to availability upon your arrival to the hotel. We do not assume any responsibility for the rejection of your requests.
  • 6) This reservation system is only for individual reservations, all group booking should be sent by email to bediratour@yahoo.com



  • 1) Hotels are classified as 5 star, 4 star, 3 star, 2 star and 1 star. The classification is provided to us by the supplier of the hotel and we endeavor to validate and authenticate this information. However the classification should be regarded as a general guide only. They are for information purpose only and are not guarantee or warranty of any kind by us.
  • 2) We will not always be able to provide the Agent with notice of renovation works at hotels or extensions of such renovation over the planned dates. Furthermore we shall not be liable for such renovation work.


  • 1) Pick up times from accommodation and duration of all tours are approximate and are subject to traffic conditions.
  • 2) Transfers are provided on the basis of average sized suitcase and one piece of hand luggage per person. Travelers are responsible to pay directly for any supplement if more luggages are bought.
  • 3) Suppliers of shared transfers reserve the right to alter services at short or no notice for any reason.
  • 4) For transfers that include the services of a driver, the driver will not assist with check in at the accommodation or at the airport, port or station unless specifically stated in the extended description.
  • 5) The durations of all transfer are representative of the driving time in average driving conditions. We take no responsibility for a flight, train or other connection being missed should the duration of the service exceed that which we display due to circumstances beyond our control.
  • 6) For booking of vehicles, no refund will be given for early return of your vehicle.
  • 7) In case of cancellations and amendments of shared transfer services, 100% cancellation charges will apply to any shared transfer service.
  • 8) Due to tight aviation security at airport, travelers must contact us via the Airline or directly, if there is a flight delay of more than 2 hours or travelers are put on different flight. Airline will not release passenger flight information to us before flight arrival. There will be strictly no refund if we are not notified of such changes.


1) Cancellation Deadline

  • a. For Credit sales we will provide a Travel Agent with a cancellation deadline for the particular hotel booking the Travel Agent has purchased from us
  • b. To avoid cancellation penalties, the hotel booking should be cancelled before 12.00 noon Middle Indonesia Time (GMT +8).
  • c. When a hotel booking is cancelled before the cancellation deadline, the status of the booking will be changed to “Cancel Confirm” and the Travel Agent will receive an email from us confirming that the travel component has been cancelled without penalty.
  • d. If the booking is cancelled after the cancellation deadline has lapsed, the status of the booking will be changed to “Cancel Charge” and an email will be sent to Travel Agent confirming receipt of the cancellation request.
  • e. When a Travel Agent makes a booking within the cancellation deadline, the payment of the booking is guaranteed by the Travel Agent.
  • f. If the Travel Agent subsequently cancels this booking, the status of the booking will be changed to “Cancel Charge”. A cancellation penalty may apply if the booking has already been confirmed and the status has not yet been updated by us and the Travel Agent cancels the booking even before the status has been updated.
  • g. If we are unable to confirm the hotel booking, then the status will be changed to “Not Confirm”. Details of the cancellation penalty if any will be advised in writing within 6 working days.


  • 1) Please note that some hotels may release the reserved rooms if you fail to check in before 6 p.m. As such, please provide information regarding your estimated arrival times so that the relevant hotels can be informed of your late arrival (e.g. if you were to arrive late than 6 p.m.)
  • 2) Generally, the hotels will keep the rooms until the next day since we have guaranteed the room with the prepayment. However, in the event that you fail to arrive at the hotel on the arrival date, the entire reservation will be cancelled automatically by the hotels and you will be charged the cost of the whole reservation.
  • 3) If you fail to check in on the first date of your booking but still continue your travel plans in staying at the reserved hotel, please contact us urgently so that we can inform the hotel to keep the room for you for the rest of nights. Otherwise as mentioned above, the entire reservation will be auto-cancelled and no refund can be issued.

SHORTENED STAY (EARLY CHECK OUT) Any shortened stay (early check out) is subject to one night’s charge for the actual general cases. Some hotels will charge for the entire reserved room nights whether or not you stay for the entire reserved room nights. If you are changing your plans, please inform us as soon as possible so that we can assist in minimizing the charges by the hotel.


  • 1) Amendments can be made without any cancellation charges prior to cancellation deadline/due date.
  • 2) Any request for amendments after the cancellation deadline/due date may attract cancellation penalties. Cancellation charges vary from supplier to supplier and can range from a minimum of 1 night stay to full charges for the entire stay. For bookings made during peak periods, trade fair periods, resort, Convention, special events etc. will normally attract full cancellation penalties.
  • 3) When booking is amended, we will notify you within 6 working days of any amendment charges
  • 4) If you have trouble changing or amending your reservation, please immediately contact us at 62 361 288790 or email us.

VOUCHER Agents may use their own vouchers; all such vouchers should state the service provided on the voucher has to mention booking payment through Bedira tour. Every Voucher should also indicate the Confirmation Number and a printout from the booking system.
Suppliers may refuse to accept guest when information is incomplete, inaccurate and illegible.

COMPLAINT & CLAIMS Any complaint regarding the supply of a service must be brought to the attention of the accommodation or service provider soonest possible during the Traveler’s stay in order for rectification to be done. However if the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, please notify us in writing by email within 1 month of the date of service. Any complaint received after 1 month of the date of service will not be investigated.


  • 1) Refund requests will only be processed if received in writing within 30 days from the date the travel component was to be provided
  • 2) Refund requests for partially utilized services will not be processed unless we receive written proof from the service provider that the guest has not utilized all the services in full as specified on our final confirmation and that a refund will apply the un-utilized services.
  • 3) Refund requests for fully un-utilized services will be processed once we receive the written request. Refunds are subject to receiving confirmation from our supplier. The refundable amount provided by the supplier is final including cases when no refund is applicable
  • 4) We require a period of 21 days to process any refund requests. No claims would be entertained after a refund is processed.


  • 1) Information on our website are provided to us by suppliers and passed on by us in good faith and updated regularly, but we can not guarantee its accuracy. We do not accept any liability to you or any third party for any error or omission on this site, nor do we accept liability for any loss incurred by a Travel Agent in relying on the descriptions. We may change, update or delete any information on this site without prior notice.
  • 2) We do warrant that this site will be uninterrupted, error free or that any information or other material accessible from this site is free of viruses or other harmful components.
  • 3) We do not make any representation about the suitability of information, products and services on this site for any purpose. The site is provided on an “as is” and on an “as available” basis. You assume all responsibility and risk for use of this site.
  • 4) We are not liable for any direct or indirect loss resulting from your use of the information on this site, except we shall be liable for death and personal injury resulting from our negligence.

DISCLAIMER & LIABILITY Our contract for the sale of services is with the Travel Agent. A Consumer purchasing services contracts with the Travel Agent and not us (“Onward Sale”). The Onward sale of services is the responsibility of the Travel Agent. We do not accept any liability for Onward Sales to a Consumer nor do we accept liability for anything which may go wrong with a booking. We are not responsible or liable for any dispute between the Travel Agent and a Consumer arising from the Onward Sale of a booking by the Travel Agent to a Consumer. If any claim is made against us following an Onward Sale by a Agent, that Travel Agent will indemnify us against all losses, fees, expenses and costs arising as a result of that claim. We are not liable to indemnify a Travel Agent against any negligence, falling, fault or omission on the part of any supplier, owner or controller of any booking.

LAW & JURISDICITION This contract and any matters arising from it shall be subject to law and exclusive jurisdiction of Indonesia.

FORCE MAJEURE The performance of this Agreement by either party is subject to acts of God, war, terrorism, government regulations, disaster, strikes, civil disorders, curtailment of transportation facilities, or other emergencies making it impractical, inadvisable, illegal or impossible to continue with the provision of the services booked. This agreement may be terminated without penalty for anyone or more of the foregoing reasons by written notice from one party.


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