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Galungan Ceremony in Bali

According to the Hindu-Balinese mythology story, a long time ago there was a very powerful giant, he was named Mayadenawa, this Mayadenawa forbade the whole people to worship to the temple to worship gods … because he just wanted all the people to worship him only. Because we were felt very furious at Mayadenawa’s behavior, Bhatara Indra was sent to go down to (the World) to meet and finish off the giant Mayadenawa. They met at a very steep slope. Bhatara Indra warned Mayadenawa that what he was done was not good. But Mayadewa replied with pride. there was a fierce battle between them, because of the greatness and supernatural power possessed by Bhatara Indra’s, Mayadenawa was made into it. Then he ran trying to stay away from Bhatara Indra.

from the story above we can conclude, goodness wins against evil. the story above teaches us to always do good, within us there may be a bit of a negative side or a bad side, but we can defeat the badness of ourselves by introspection and doing good to others..

Galungan holiday itself is usually commemorated by Hindus by praying in temples around their house or usually there is a tradition of “Pulang Kampung” (back to their hometown) for those who migrate to other areas … the next day is Manis Galungan where they pray and visit family homes and vacation together..

For this ceremony, usually in the temples will be very crowded, maybe some of them are closed for public, but dont worry you still can visit when Manis Galungan, there is also a uniqueness that can be seen on the road, many penjor that we can see in front of almost all houses that each have art and uniqueness.


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