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Bali Unique Tours

Bali Unique Tour is one of the tours that offer in Bali apart many tours to various places of interest in the island of god. Bali Unique Tours are the exciting sightseeing activities to discover the unique and unusual tourist attraction in Bali. Bali Unique Tours emphasis on the tourist activities in Bali such as dancing, sculpting, drawing, cooking Bali etc. MBA Bali Tours offer a variety of unique tour programs that will take you and your tour participants get something different in your trip in Bali.This tour program we deliberately created so that the visitors would prefer to know more uniqueness in Bali and find out more about the culture in Bali of various activities.

MBA Bali tours offers tour programs such as Bali Cooking Class (learn Balinese cuisine), Bali Land Rover Tour Safari (safari tour in a legendary Land Rover from one Traditional Village to another), Bali Paint Ball Game War (combination of the childhood games tag and hide and seek but is much more challenging and sophisticated), Bali Golf Course (Bali Golf serves your propensity of golf playing in the heaven of Bali), Balinese Culture Creation and Kids Course (amazing culture with its unique architectures, richly hued costumes and handwoven cloth, rice terraces and traditional irrigation system and cooking class), Devdan Bali Theatre (the show was created in Bali with the aspiration to introduce and entertain guests with the artistic and natural attractions that are alive in Bali and Indonesia), and Anika Cooking Class (creative process that is simple and a lot of fun)
If you are thinking of organizing your private package just touch our team and inform us the destination you are interested. We will help you to design the best package which suitable with your time frame and budget.



Bali Dolphin Tour

Bali Dolphin Tour a unique Bali our experience to see the dolphins swimming around us were accompanied with the beautiful sunrise at Lovina Beach. Bali dolphin tour (dolphin watching tour) will start in morning time at […]

Bali Land Rover Touring Safari

Bali Land Rover Touring Safari- Enjoy exhilarating safari tour in a legendary Bali Land Rover from one Traditional Village to another. Explore the Magic of Balinese traditions and it's spectacular views in an approximately 8 hours […]
Balinese Dance Lesson

Balinese Culture Lesson Tour

As a whole, Bali has amazing culture with its unique architectures, richly hued costumes and hand woven cloth, rice terraces and traditional irrigation system and cooking class. All will take you upon a new discovery […]

Village Trekking

This tour drives you to north Tabanan regency which is famous with its rice field and is the biggest producer of rice in Bali. Here we will have trekking explore the natural beauty of village […]
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