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Bali Art and Culture


There are four lakes in Bali. Lake Batur, the old crater of Mount Batur, is the largest. Kintamani offers an excellent panoramic view of the lake, and the lake itself effectively fences in the Bali Aga people in Trunyan. Lake Bratan, the second largest, is near the town of Bedugul. Lake Buyan and Lake Temblingan are also near. There are four lakes in Bali, all up on the highland.

Lake Batur

Lake Batur is the old crater of Gunung Batur, a still active volcanoe next to it. It is located on the northern part of Bali. There is a hot spring right by the lake. You can enjoy the spectacular scenery of Lake Batur from Kintamani. Across the lake, only reachable by boat, lies the village of Trunyan, where the Bali Aga people live.

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The Balinese Special Day

Every religion or culture all over the world has their own way to define and celebrate their new year. For example, the Chinese have the Imlek year and to celebrate it, have, as they called it in their own language, “Gong Xi Fat Choy”.

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The Art

1. Painting

Paintings of Bali have experienced remarkable evolution. Traditionally another means of expressing religious and mythological ideas, paintings of Bali have been subjected to a number of influences, including deep interaction with Western painters who came and lived in Bali. As with any other artistic expression found in the island, these influences have been uniquely adapted into Bali’s personality, creating new nuances and styles of paintings that are distinctly Balinese.

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